It Starts with a Conversation

Oakland County Digital Marketing

The first thing we do is listen to you. We ask you questions. What are your overall goals and primary message? How are you different from your competitors? Who is your target audience? Then, guided by your feedback, we can provide you with recommendations tailored to your marketing goals and budget.

Site Traffic provides an array of digital marketing services but in order to keep things simple, we will categorize them into 2 groups.

1. Services provided one time – For example, we can design a website and turn the files over to you without providing ongoing marketing.  Basic SEO techniques would be included.

2. Digital marketing packages –  Site Traffic can build your website or take your existing website and provide ongoing digital marketing.  Since marketing is not a “set and forget” approach, monthly marketing will provide better results than having a website designed and left untouched.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

For the best digital marketing results, various techniques should be applied and work together synergistically. Posting on Facebook alone probably won’t give you the online exposure you are looking for. Just as blogging on your website without promoting the articles on social media will not bring you much success either. This is why Site Traffic uses a holistic approach for digital marketing.

Site Traffic can also provide custom packages based on your industry.  Digital marketing is rarely a “one size fits all” service. For example, a hair salon may benefit from different social media platforms than a construction company. Or certain businesses may benefit more from video marketing than blogging.

After determining your marketing goals, careful competitive analysis and keyword research, Site Traffic will execute a digital marketing campaign that will work hard for your business.

Oakland County Digital Marketing Process

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